Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Estonian percussion masters 

In Tartu Kevadfest 2004 all the young Estonian bands, and especially their drummers are welcomed to join the contest led by Roland Sutt. All the competitors less than 22 years old have an opportunity to promote their skills in music, and moreover, win a free stage in a concert in Finland.

On May 8 Tartu Sadamateater welcomes ten bands and ten drummers. The festival organizers believe they could present the best of Estonian new music generation, wherefore the whole repertoire of the bands will be previously chosen by the jury itself.

Tartu Kevadfest 2004 is mainly focusing on drummers. Their appearance should be guaranteed by inviting only rock groups to play in the contest. According to Roland Sutt they expect to find only new talents participating:”I know there are musicians who come to play in the festival every year, and leave usually also with all the prizes, but this time I shall not let those guy in.”

In the following articles preview of the two percussion masters of Estonia is given as an introduction to the upcoming interview with Tanel Ruben and Anneli Kadakas. The questionnaire is expected to reflect the achievements of Estonian top drummers, and their viewpoints to the current situation in Estonian jazz music.


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