Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Anneli Kadakas 

Anneli Kadakas started her musician career in the field of folk music. Besides studying table harp at Pärnu Music School Anneli started to play drums in different music groups whichfore was later kicked out of the school folk ensemble. This event showed the path to become a drummer. After her scholarship in history at Tartu University and H. Eller Music School majoring drums Anneli graduated from G.Ots Music School. Since 1997-2003 she studied percussions in Estonian Music Academy. Anneli works as a professional drummer who has performed several times in Estonia, Norway, Canada, USA, Germany, Russia etc. She has taken part of variable music projects including also symphony orchestras and rock groups (ex. End Variations, Ka-Funky, Rasta Orchestra, Henri Laks, L'Dorado, The Superdogs, Zorbas, Mambo Inn, Donna Lee, EMA Big Band).

Anneli loves to spend time riding her horses and play various exotic rhythms:”I’ve always admired the work of the people from Africa and Latin-America”. Her favourites are Buena Vista Social Club, Manu Chao, Jamiroqai, Chick Corea, "Medeski, Martin and Wood" and Miles Davis.


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